Updated 4 months ago

A Xtext based SystemRDL editor with syntax highlighting and context sensitive help

Updated 4 weeks ago

Contains OOMPH setups for MINRES projects and tool setups

Updated 6 months ago

A bunch of conan recipes to package C++ libraries

Updated 4 months ago

Examples and tests for the SystemC-Components

Updated 3 weeks ago

A Python package to interface with SystemC library and script SystemC simulations

Updated 2 years ago

An example project top test and demonstrate PySysC

Updated 1 year ago

Updated 4 years ago

MINRES The Good Folks Series cores ISS

Updated 2 weeks ago

3rd Party plugins used in eclipse based project packaged as P2 repository

Updated 10 months ago

Updated 9 months ago

Updated 9 months ago

Updated 6 months ago

Updated 3 months ago