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The ISS for the cores of The Good Folk Series (TGFS) of MINRES.

This ISS is based in DBT-RISE, a library to allow rapid ISS creation.

Quick start

  • you need to have a C++14 capable compiler, make or ninja, python, and cmake installed

common setup

  • install conan.io (see also http://docs.conan.io/en/latest/installation.html):

    pip3 install --user conan==1.59

    Another option is to use a Python VENV to isolate the used models from the system. In case of please run:

    python -mvenv .venv
    source .venv/bin/activate
    pip3 install conan==1.59

    Using conan for the first time you need to create a profile:

    conan profile create default --detect
  • checkout source from git

    git clone --recursive -b develop https://git.minres.com/TGFS/TGC-ISS.git

Accellera SystemC build

  • start an out-of-source build:

    cd TGC-ISS
    cmake -S . -B build/Debug
    cmake --build build/Debug -j10

Synopsys Platform Architect build

Assuming environment for Platform Architect is properly set up.

  cd TGC-ISS/
  export TGFS_INSTALL_ROOT `pwd`/install
  export CC=$COWAREHOME/SLS/linux/common/bin/gcc
  export CXX=$COWAREHOME/SLS/linux/common/bin/g++
  cmake -S . -B build/PA -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug -DUSE_CWR_SYSTEMC=ON \
  cmake --build build/PA --target install -j16

Now you may change to dbt-rise-tgc/contrib to import the core model