Examples and tests for the SystemC-Components https://www.minres.com/#opensource
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Examples and tests for the SystemC-Components


In Console:

-Check for needed modules in ~/.bashrc
they should be available directly in the linux installation or in the Modulefile top level file in the Project. If not, install it and add it to $PATH with:

export PATH="needed-path:$PATH"

-Edit bashrc and add:

module use /opt/shared/modules/modulefiles

at end of file. 

-Load the Modules from the top level file in the Project:

module load ./Modulefile

-Install conan with:

pip install conan

-and run this comands to run conan with the C++11 library:

conan profile new default --detect --force
conan profile update settings.compiler.libcxx=libstdc++11 default

-Add conan to $PATH

#Build: -Create folder "build" in SystemC-Components-Test project folder. -Build the project with:

cmake ..

make -j4   #4 means number of cores where it is compiled.

#Run: -from build folder run:

./bin/"binary-name"	#binary name: zb. "sim_performance"