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The Scale4Edge ecosystem VP using VP-VIBES peripherals.

This VP is based in MINRES TGC series cores and uses CoreDSL to generate the concrete ISS of a particular ISA + extensions. The generator approach makes it very flexible and adaptable. Since the CoreDSL description is used to generate RTL as well as verification artifacts it provides a comprehensive and consistent solution to develop processor cores.

Ultra Quick start

Using gitpod you can run the VP in the cloud. Just visit and follow the instructions. After the build finished you can run

build/src/tgc-vp -f fw/hello-world/prebuilt/hello.elf

or use ctest:

cd build

You will see on console the prints of the hello world firmware at fw/hello-world/hello.c

Open in Gitpod

Quick start

  • you need to have a C++14 capable compiler, make, python, and cmake installed

  • install (see also

    pip3 install --user conan

    It is advised to use conan version 1.36 or newer. In case of an older version please run

    pip3 install --user --upgrade conan

    Installing conan for the first time you need to create a profile:

    conan profile create default --detect
  • checkout source from git

    git clone --recursive -b develop 
  • start an out-of-source build:

    cd TGC-VP
    mkdir build
    cd build
    cmake ..
    make -j tgc-vp
  • run the VP with pre-built firmware



    src/tgc-vp -f ../fw/hello-world/prebuild/hello.elf 

To rebuild the firmware you need to install a RISC-V toolchain like

Windows/Visual Studio build

TGC-VP supports VS2019/MSVC 16 and has been tested only with this version


You need to have to following installed:

  • Visual Studio 2019 (community edition is sufficient) with C/C++ support
  • Python 3.6 or newer
  • SystemC 2.3.3 and SystemC-CCI 1.0.0. Both should be installed into the same location and the environment variable SYSTEMC_HOME should point to it
  • Conan ( version 1.36 or newer. If python is installed this can be installed using pip (see above in Quick start)

build step

Create a project at the location of the git workarea. This can be done

devenv <path to checkout>

The build steps are as described in the VS documentation for CMake based projects.