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Welcome to the SCViewer wiki!


SCViewer is composed of a set of eclipse plugins to display VCD and transaction streams created by the SystemC VCD trace implementation and the SystemC Verification Library (SCV). For further description of the SCV please refer to http://www.accellera.org/activities/committees/systemc-verification.

The viewer is in early alpha stage and not yet ready for production use!

The plugins are structured as follows:

  • com.minres.scviewer.database the interface defining the API to access the database and the implementation for VCD
  • com.minres.scviewer.database.text an implementation of the API to read the text files generated by the SCV sc_tr_text database
  • com.minres.scviewer.database.sqlite an implementation of the API to read the files generated by implementation in the sc_tr_sqlite project using a SQLite based database
  • com.minres.scviewer.database.test a some JUnit tests of the 3 back ends
  • com.minres.scviewer.ui the viewer it self to diplay the transactions and associated views like the outline of the DB and the properties of the transaction
  • com.minres.scviewer.feature the feature combining the plugins above into a somhow usable form
  • scv_tr_sqlite a C++ project containing the SQLite based SCV database implementation and the scv4tlm socket implementations. A simple example (scv_tr_recording_example.cpp) for testig purposes of the database is provided.

To build the plugins the Eclipse Tycho can be used. Just download and install Maven, change into the com.minres.scviewer.parent project directory and run mvn clean verify or mvn clean verify -DskipTests=true if you want to skip the tests.


  • add more tests
  • move to feature based product to allow automatic updates
  • improve graphics
  • catch-up e3 plugin to functionality of e4 product