415 Commits (master)

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  Eyck Jentzsch 5025974457 Merge branch 'develop' 15 hours ago
  Eyck Jentzsch d3b67bc32b make ordered_semaphore resizable 15 hours ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 46a9361f43 fix compile errors introduced by merge 1 day ago
  Eyck Jentzsch fe76ef453b Merge branch 'develop' 1 day ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 35d00d8d63 fix tracing setup of configurable tracer 4 days ago
  Eyck Jentzsch b25054864f remove fmt from reporting 4 days ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 9c50be75ef add strprintf function to complement (s)printf but using std::string 5 days ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 4dce798d00 fix duplicate call to sc_stop() in report handler 1 week ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 54d541dd9f make sure empty_cb of fifo_w_cb is called if empty 1 week ago
  Eyck Jentzsch e3442595f2 remove deprecated macros 1 week ago
  Eyck Jentzsch add43fa24d fix use of regex filter to apply only to debug and trace messages 1 week ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 5381c78b13 fix use of regex filter to apply only to debug and trace messages 1 week ago
  Eyck Jentzsch ffb84dbbac fix wrong package use in Verilator 1 week ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 77e5df97ee fix ambigous use of log 1 week ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 95c63ba051 make log level as strong enum 1 week ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 9485ba7e94 add thread aware random generator 1 week ago
  Eyck Jentzsch b4478f7534 fix initialization issues 1 week ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 73764843d5 extended report handler 2 weeks ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 70884120fd add workaround for gcc4.8 2 weeks ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 0a53c0af03 Merge branch 'develop' 2 weeks ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 0f3aa8aeb0 allow setting dedicated VCD trace file 2 weeks ago
  Eyck Jentzsch e3e787fef2 fix missing include 2 weeks ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 30192d63cb remove deprecated macros 3 weeks ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 8660c2c4ef fix wrong name in to find clang-format 4 weeks ago
  Eyck Jentzsch b00aa97082 fix initialization in owning signal 1 month ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 213293bc01 add instantiation of CCI broker. Can be disabled if TL uses another 1 month ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 9c92688d17 unify memory management in recording infrastructure 1 month ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 2703722595 fix getting verbosity from out-of SystemC object hierarchy 1 month ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 9eef736b53 add instance based verbosity configuration 1 month ago
  Eyck Jentzsch d1aad4ba97 fix missing initialization 1 month ago
  Eyck Jentzsch fee0b7154b fix non-timing recording 1 month ago
  Eyck Jentzsch ca9d35cd06 fix initialization warnings 1 month ago
  Eyck Jentzsch e32c4241c0 add scope log verbosity checking functions 1 month ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 502301d3eb add template for fixed site semaphore 1 month ago
  Eyck Jentzsch d3d7c9f590 clean function signature 1 month ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 531cd69b02 add support for custom SCV transaction tracing database driver 1 month ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 86ce966985 update build system 1 month ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 3774ffd532 add detection of conan systemc package targets 1 month ago
  Eyck Jentzsch e990afdb68 remove fmt dependency from scv_tr_sqlite 1 month ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 6014ea60f2 fix errors in build system when using built-in spdlog 2 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch f0495ae868 fix handling of built in version of spdlog and fmt 2 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch a248f1111a fix package name 2 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 756257fe29 fix wrong comparison in cmake 2 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 02d00aa39d fix order of use of conan generated files and name clashes 2 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch e9d4c21945 makes scv_tr_sqlite optional depending on the presence of fmt 2 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 0f35a1faf2 deactive failing git function 2 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 1234e9d076 Merge branch 'master' into develop 2 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch ff8f4be2ac move spdlog into src so that it becomes private 2 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 594c7ba1e7 add SC_METHOD_CL and SC_THREAD_CL macros to allow use of closures 2 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 33c9286c87 fix time printing in report handler 2 months ago