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  Eyck Jentzsch 0e6de492d4 Added pool allocator 19 hours ago
  Stanislaw Kaushanski 765db0c3ba added CMake variables for integration in Raven project. Fix ahb_extension copy constructor 1 day ago
  Eyck Jentzsch b53e49db23 Fix for project version string 1 day ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 83942ab698 Merge branch 'master' of https://git.minres.com/SystemC/SystemC-Components 2 days ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 32c035745a Added signal which uses acquire/release semantics 3 days ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 261659b19c Fixed initialization of payload from memory manager 2 days ago
  Eyck Jentzsch aafff2fa14 Added signal which uses acquire/release semantics 3 days ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 9cc13c131f Added sc_signal for generic payload 1 week ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 82ca2914f0 Updated flusing policy of logger 2 weeks ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 11b270ad5b Added mersenne twister PRNG 2 weeks ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 19b9fbea18 Extended logging configuration 2 weeks ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 069bc03a25 Extended perf_estimator 2 weeks ago
  Eyck Jentzsch ca400851f2 Fixed function signature 2 weeks ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 81c004cdf8 Added operation callbacks to intercept memory access 2 weeks ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 5a86c3ac50 Fixed bug in write access 2 weeks ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 9152bb72d0 Fixed parameter types for LogConfig 2 weeks ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 4483939a7b Added template functions for split and join 2 weeks ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 76fb9e5cc0 Added verilator custom library to be able to provide vl_finish, vl_stop, 2 weeks ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 3756d79ac5 Merge branch 'master' of https://git.minres.com/SystemC/SystemC-Components 2 weeks ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 022ddc032e [WIP] extended trace 2 weeks ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 943fbb6a81 Reorting cleanup 2 weeks ago
  Eyck Jentzsch c6fedbea63 Fixed logging wrt. to file usage, added testual conversion of logging 2 weeks ago
  Eyck Jentzsch a66501e394 Extended utility functions 3 weeks ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 5187f228b9 Added file path split functions 3 weeks ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 3408ac2b73 Fixed wrong CMake file set 3 weeks ago
  Eyck Jentzsch b1da5ee18b Fixed C++11 compatibility 1 month ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 58346e7c8b Extended flush period in report handler for abort action 1 month ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 72806c0fd6 Made include dir public 1 month ago
  Eyck Jentzsch f15ee3a486 Updated verilator definition 1 month ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 15b4c3d643 Updated AHB BFM to conditionally use (big)uint 1 month ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 806d20fa5a Updated trace implementation using template functions instead of macros 1 month ago
  Eyck Jentzsch d748c0f936 Added AHB_BFM4TLM 1 month ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 66da92a7ab added severity print handling 1 month ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 0cc4356368 Removed debug logging, extended LogConfig 1 month ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 45cd6c7411 Fixed missing include (IWYU) 1 month ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 4f75d02fde Fixed type awareness for sc_attribute 1 month ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 469bf27911 Fixed report handler behavior when having SC_STOP action so that spdlog handler gets flushed 2 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch e27a296d3d Made configurer independend of CCI 3 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 165661edf4 Streamlined logging level 3 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 8d617c7f2e Fixed warning when SCCERR is used and sc_stop has already been called 3 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 90f912ad87 Fixed macro naming 3 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 96fe96e233 Changed padding to return tge full string if it cannot padded (size less 3 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 3db82d8785 Fixed regex type to be consistent with GNU C regex 3 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch a61f5e2782 Added report filtering capabilities - first implementation 3 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch a946ffbb9b Fixed abort behavior now allowing logger to flush before aborting 3 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch c08c553e9e Build system fixes 3 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 85b2818b38 Added colored output 3 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 4236d23fee Updated license information 3 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 5087ea5124 Moved to report to spdlog allowing asyncronous console and file logging 3 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch d1dffcef57 Changed handling of report typ string 4 months ago