109 Commits (develop)

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  Eyck Jentzsch eb8365f4c3 Updated SC-Components 1 month ago
  eyck 3e8583977a Refactored core descriptions 4 months ago
  eyck f69b529cab Fixed implementation of RV64 so that remaining riscv-test pass 4 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch d5d236bf10 Adapted changes in SCC 6 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 769610d6fc Improved disassembly of running ISS 6 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch df03e90181 Adapted to vm_base refactoring (move into llvm package) 6 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 58a446e6bc Refoctored to to move SystemC wrapper into riscv library 6 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch a576fdf8e5 Cleanup of templates 6 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch dd7b0f380a Cleanup 6 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch d160a34c5d Refactored arch_if to save unneeded constructor calls 6 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 8092326437 Changed name to get consistent 6 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 20b3665003 Back-ported DVCon turorial changes 6 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 124a308ffa Fixed a type which rendered a link useless 10 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 62c4311c31 Updated repository references 10 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 0bf4933372 Added link to original repo 10 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 38099e3fc6 Added ADC, H-Bridge and motor models, refactored project structure 10 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 100822810f Added entire system incl. terminal and MCP3008 ADC connected via SPI 10 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch a899d30556 Implemented basic HiFive1-like platform with PLL,tracing etc. 10 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch b28595445c Extended README and clenaed up lauch configurations 10 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch fede5b2af1 Changed SystemC model to model a platform in a system. Added dedicated 10 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch a3baa45b00 Updated SystemC CCI to 1.0 10 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 22426ad2ff Removed poco package as it is not used 10 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch e2cb2aff20 Updated DBT-RISE library 10 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 51bfb02c33 Changed Seasocks lib setting 10 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch bd60e4dbe1 Fixed missing check for unset CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE 10 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 282ff6964b Fixed typo in CMakeList.txt 1 year ago
  Eyck Jentzsch dfcc3ace66 Adapted generated code to support translation block linking 1 year ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 5b6dc36c9d Fixed validation errors in core dsl files. 1 year ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 19b660962b Adapted descriptions to improved Core DSL and regenerated code 1 year ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 9ad29ddb64 Merge branch 'develop' 1 year ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 483b28f8a0 Updated submodules 1 year ago
  Eyck Jentzsch a451bc0855 Updated submodules 1 year ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 371876e39a Moved to dbt-core latest 1 year ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 2e26be362a Adapted plugin behavior obeying availabiltiy of instrumentation 1 year ago
  Eyck Jentzsch fc17686ff1 Cleanup of settings 1 year ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 1102449d38 Made plugin call configurable 1 year ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 292e2dbb89 Cleanup of SC wrapper 1 year ago
  Eyck Jentzsch cff4b1d33b template cleanup 1 year ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 142654b0a2 Streamline arch descriptions according to latest CoreDSL changes 1 year ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 65ceedd157 Updated compressed instructions for RV32D 1 year ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 96700d00f9 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop 1 year ago
  Eyck Jentzsch c9e4730502 Updated sc-components 1 year ago
  Eyck Jentzsch ce98e2ad31 Added RV32D extension 1 year ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 48ad30dcae Added RV32F extension, fixed RV32M bugs 1 year ago
  Eyck Jentzsch bc7450dad2 Added softfloat library into top level build system 1 year ago
  Eyck Jentzsch dcaf5467e8 Added Berkeley softfloat library 1 year ago
  Eyck Jentzsch ec6a4877ba Updated Eclipse project name 1 year ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 4e2da9b89d Set dbt-core to master 1 year ago
  Eyck Jentzsch fcb04f6141 Updated referenced dbt-core 1 year ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 48a2ddb149 Adapted plugin behavior obeying availabiltiy of instrumentation 1 year ago