102 Commits (develop)

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  Stanislaw Kaushanski d87dfff430 avoid applying sizeof to an expression of function type 5 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch fcc04d4d69 remove unneeded stmts in CMakeLists.txt 5 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch c9e4efcba2 add Boost 1.70 dependency 5 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch b0deae97e5 remove include files from generated code 7 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch e268815216 fix assertion use 7 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 715ffe5e74 fix small typo 7 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 3caaa873be fix memory access error reporting 7 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 0e06499aa6 [WIP] 7 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch aacd45ba9a modernize build system 8 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 1ac3058673 get all compile clean 8 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch a90eeef9d0 Merge branch 'feature/interpreter' into develop 8 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 02b822404d add TCC backend 8 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch a4052f3077 [WIP] basic infrastructure working 9 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch a6ece26257 [WIP] implement basic infrastructure 9 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 5b3fa18f80 [WIP] use tinycc from conan package 9 months ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 04818dca7d Removed message from CMakeLists.txt 1 year ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 9bd7a30e5f Compile clean, first prototypical instruction 1 year ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 0d935da2eb Initial version of interpreter base 1 year ago
  Eyck Jentzsch c81fd4c5d7 Added TinyCC as external reference 1 year ago
  Eyck Jentzsch fbecbf6393 Started to add TCC 1 year ago
  Eyck Jentzsch a449185636 added tinycc as submodule 1 year ago
  Eyck Jentzsch db518d2bcf Refactored namespace of LLVM related stuff 1 year ago
  Eyck Jentzsch c1d65b863b Added debugging version of jit_init function 1 year ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 87ecbd4ae1 Merge branch 'develop' of DBT-RISE/DBT-RISE-Core into master 1 year ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 703c1a592c 'README.md' ändern 1 year ago
  Eyck Jentzsch dd900f0105 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' 1 year ago
  Eyck Jentzsch a16e635fad Cleanup dependencies 1 year ago
  Eyck Jentzsch c449c3c0c8 Modernized cmake 1 year ago
  Eyck Jentzsch a9d808088e Merge branch 'develop' 2 years ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 2f4aab87b0 Adapted to changes in SCC 2 years ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 83cd591e49 Fixed naming 2 years ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 0b499d216a Refactored to move vm_base into llvm namespace to open for future 2 years ago
  Eyck Jentzsch f76938cbdc Merge branch 'develop' 2 years ago
  Eyck Jentzsch d73fee68dd Refactored arch_if to save unneeded constructor calls 2 years ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 54cf894c3f Removed obsolete setting 2 years ago
  Eyck Jentzsch c7215dd057 Cleanup using clang-tidy & clang-format, updated license statements 2 years ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 8412d27281 cmake cleanup 2 years ago
  Eyck Jentzsch fc11f4769a Added missing virtual destructor 2 years ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 9c42cd7a6f Changed some debug messages from DEBUG to TRACE 2 years ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 44338cfb4f Small performance optimization 2 years ago
  Eyck Jentzsch a9a9a84298 Backport to gcc 4.9.4 and boost 1.53.0 2 years ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 31263d4aaa Corrected type casting 2 years ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 34abe11e78 Fixed gcc 8.1 compatibility 2 years ago
  Eyck Jentzsch b7e5fd5113 Merge branch 'feature/tb-linking' into develop 2 years ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 52a4637f36 Updated performance by direct linking of translation blocks 2 years ago
  Eyck Jentzsch ff3f3bb14a Replaced functor class with clusure and passing-by-reference 2 years ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 40aa1a3151 Improved performance by omitting std::function 2 years ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 23dbab0b76 Added .gitignore 2 years ago
  Eyck Jentzsch 393c374cac Fixed plugin call sequence 2 years ago
  Eyck Jentzsch d9512853b2 Extended reggistration of external functions 2 years ago